Monday, August 31, 2009

my apologies!

My internet download thing went away, cause my bro downloaded a lot of things and then my net started having problems that had nothing to do with the download. Stupid idot internet. I can't live without it. (But I did). Hahaha. Sooo.. My dad took it to this man and it stayed for like, 3 days and it still wasn't working. That's a lot of days that I've missed at Twittering, Blogging, Youtubing, Facebooking, and whatever else there is on the internet which I'm missed.

I'm so sorry guys!! Hahaha. I've been dying without it though. LOL. Meanwhile, I have written another song! It's called "Sympathy". Tell me what you think?

Everybody needs love to live.
Like everybody needs a heart beat.
We all need love to function properly.
Like we all need blood in our bodies.

Sometimes you look back and you think.
How love it truly is so amazing.

Cause when you're having a bad day
And everything goes wrong.
When you're told your loved too late.
And you still feel so alone.
You have to look inside your heart.
And then you will clearly see.
That behind that frown of yours.
You know there is sympathy.
When you scream into your pillow
Knowing you can't take it anymore.
All you gotta do is look at me.
And inside your heart, there'll be sympathy.

We all need a smile on our face.
When we all want that piece of chocolate cake.
All the mistakes that you have made.
Move on, and learn from them.
Cause they can not be erased.
If they hurt you bad, why do them again?

Sometimes you look back and you think.
How you can be so amazing.


Everybody needs a little love
Everybody wants a warm hug.
Someone to be there with life is tough.
Someone who listens when you've had enough.
That person to smile when you smile.
And to bring you up when you're down.
Sometimes you will get what you want.
It may take a while just to see.
That sometimes what you don't want.
Is what you need..

Sometimes you look back and you think.
How you and love, together, are amazing..

Like it? I'd love to hear what you thought of it!! :)

Oh and remember my Dolly feature? A few days back, at school, I was bombarded with questions. I then felt like pulling out my hair. Then, this girl that I really dislike and she disliked me back.. tells me, "hey Hiba, I got your mag straight after school yesterday". And I'm like, "oh cool, thanks." And then she's like, "and I stuck your picture on my wall". Uhhh.. Mean girl say WHAT? Of course I didn't say that. "Oh, Oh! Pleassssse tell me you put my picture next to Nick's? Pleeease!!" - I didn't say that either. I just.. laughed. Yeah, I laughed. It's pretty weird. But I am sooo not going to just "be friends" with this chick now. In fact, nothing's going to change.

Haha and this guy in our classes that I know is soo hilarious. Everytime I walk past he's like, "omg is that Hiba!!" and "Hayyy superstar!" LMAO. And he just mucks around and goes, "can I pull out a piece of your hair and put it in a jar?" Hahahaha! He's soo stupid and funny at the same time.

Okay, moving on.. (I'm not going to let any of this attention ruin my personal blog or change my life. Of course, there was a moment where my head grew quite a bit. But then it shrunk back down to normal size. Ha) :)

When somebody insults something about you - it can be the smallest thing, like your nose or your TOE... You're going to feel insecure about that part especially. I know it happened to me.

Nobody is really happy with what they have. If you have big boobs, you want small ones and if you have small ones, you want big ones. I've been told that I have "big ones". What do you want me to do? Simply call God and return them? I didn't ask for them, so why are you talking to me like I did? Sometimes it's those people making you insecure.

Sure, you should appreciate that fact. Like the fact that women are undertaking plastic surgery just to have big boobs, but you were just born with them. But how am I supposed to appreciate it when people don't let me forget about them? When they make me feel insecure about them? Sometimes it's a joke - for a laugh. People tell you things for a "joke".

What's a joke, anyway? Insulting somebody then saying "I'm just joking!"? after seeing their reaction? Bitch about someone and say "I'm only joking!! Chill!!"? There's no such thing as saying something bad or offensive about a person then calling it a joke.

What you say about a person, it will mark on them. Probably for life.

Have you ever had a best-friend or a close friend who you love but says things about your body that you "pretend" to take as a joke, but actually take seriously? "Hey big bum!!" "ANY LOUDER?!?!". It's... I don't know. I guess I can't explain it sometimes. I love my close friends but sometimes they're the ones making me insecure about parts of my body.

I guess that's how life works.

The close people in your life will joke around with you. But that all depends on YOU and what YOU think joking really is.

Anyway, that was a pretty personal blog!! Oh wait, there's a lot of personal blogs on here. Ha. I just... I don't have the guts to tell anybody this face-to-face. So I write it here. It's much easier. So thank you for reading about what I have to say. It means the world to me; you have noo idea.

If you wanna talk, I'm always here (unless my internet is being stupid..) But other than that, you know I'm thinking of you. You're all amazing. I've been having a tough time lately and to be able to come on here, blog about it, and see other girls relate is... an amazing feeling.

Love you beautiful girls!! *kisses and hugs* -Hiba (P.S I will reply to your comments ASAP. Need to go to sleep now. Goodnight lovelies).


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