Thursday, January 27, 2011

smile.. god loves you

it's true, God loves you!! so smile, appreciate life and BE HAPPY. don't be mean. don't talk about people. don't judge others. because we both know that none of us like to be called names, like to be talked about and like to be judged. we're all alike. which means none of us like it when that stuff happens. why do it to people if you wouldn't like it happening to you? when people say you've changed, it's true most of the time, but who says change isn't a good thing? growing up means changing. not only the way you look, but the way you look at life and how you deal with things.


pray, talk to your Lord at night, i promise you he's there to listen to you.. pray for those in need of a prayer. there are so many people in this world right now who would KILL to be you. even if that sounds crazy, because you might feel lonely or leftout - trust me so many others have it much worse than you. if you have a roof over your head, food in your fridge, a bed to sleep in... You're luckier than millions of homeless people who die of starvation everyday.

Appreciate. THANK your lord for allowing you to wake up this morning. it might be your last day, so enjoy today. be nice to people and YOU could brighten up your own day. try your hardest to make the right decisions BUT dont be afraid to make mistakes.

making mistakes while we're young is for the best. because making mistakes means learning, and what we learn determines our future. WHO YOU ARE will be WHAT YOU'VE DONE. the mistakes you've done, the words you said, the boys you kissed, the friends you backstabbed... all of this will make you WHO U ARE in your future.

make mistakes. make as many as you can. and then one day you'll KNOW who you are.

and remember to SMILE because GOD LOVES YOU :)

and i do too oh how ironic!!! -lovelovelove- <3!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

life isn't complicated

people are!
i mean think about it, most of the things in life that you are forbidden to do, life hasn't forbid you, people have! i dont even know if im making sense but you know what i mean. lets say you want to go beach. but this beach is an hour away and you cant go by yourself. why? theres many reason. maybe you're not allowed, maybe you don't drive, maybe you dont like getting public transport. maybe you have noone to go with and you dont like going by yourself. if life was complicated, there'd be an ACTUAL reason as to why it's "forbidding" you to go. PEOPLE are what make life complicated. they say and do stuff and with the whole 'parents' thing, "if we say no that means no!" "but why?!" "BECAUSE I SAID SO!!" i mean, it's that easy as a parent. but come on, you cant say no to everything!

do you think neil armstrong would have stepped on the moon if his parents had said no?! do you think will smith would have been one of the best actors in the world if his parents had said he couldn't go and reach for his dream!?

i dont even know where im going with this blog but ill keep going anyway.

don't be afraid to say yes once in a while. do you say no because your afraid? afraid of what? to make mistakes? let me tell you, we're all afraid of making mistakes but.. you have to make as many mistakes as you can because we wouldnt know who we are without taking wrong turns on the road of life, and mucking up. we wouldnt know right from wrong.

HAVE FUN. dont let anybody get in your way.

thats my advice, even though i cant take it, i'll give it because i know its the right thing. ANYWAYYYYYYY, its actually summer here and im on holidays "once again". but its not the best of holidays. i wanna make it the best but... wellllllll people say NO so i have to say NO too. -,-

life isnt complicated, PEOPLE ARE!! >:(

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011, new year, new me

Hi all! Okay, so I totally don't even know if any of you are reading any of my stuff anymore. (Not that I've been writing everyday). But if there's that one amazing person who actually does come on here every once in a while, I'd like to thank you for waiting for me while I tried to figure out who I am. I've got so much to tell you all. It's been months since I've last blogged.

But first thing's first. Happy new year! It's FINALLY 2011. I say 'finally' as if 2010 went by really slow, but trust me it really didn't... Although there were a few weeks that did go by really slow, but now when I look back I know it went by a blur! A lot has changed though and I wish I could tell you all about THAT but... we'll stay off it for a while :)

All I know is that I've become a more mature "butterflied" teenager (who turns 16 in a month). I know I'm still young to know who I am, but honestly, I know what I need to know. I still get confused sometimes, like I don't know who I am or where to turn. But as of now, 2011, I've decided to change things. I want to become a better person. I want to help others, stay aware of everything needed to be aware of. I want to study hard in school this year (Year 11). And most of all, I want to keep this blog updated which I failed to do so before... Haha.

Lets begin........

Last week I came back from my 3 month trip to Lebanon. Wanna know about that? Ok Ok I won't drain your life! The trip was really awesome, that's it all summarized. I caught up with family, I made new friends, I had fun. I'd definitely go back there again because I know as soon as I arrived to Australia - I missed it like hell!

Have I been writing lately? No not really :( I've started a story actually, and it's beginning to get really interesting I must say.. I'll fill you in on that later :)

I wish I could write another 'inspirational touching' type of blog again and trust me, I will! There's many things in my life that's happened that I could turn into one of those.. so don't worry I will. Just not now. Maybe tomorrow, so please check back. That's if your really interested.

I have to go because my brother's bugging me to get on the computer. So bye now! Love you all. xox