Sunday, December 20, 2009

are you really in love?

Earlier today, I was just thinking about this. I had the conversation with a few on Facebook and Twitter - and I thought it's blog-worthy.

Whenever somebody breaks up with a guy who they've been going out with for like a month, and they cry like they were married; I wanna tell them to shut up. Honestly. I've learned by now that you can't just find the one at this age, because you're still figuring out the person you are. Of course, there's going to be misunderstandings and arguments. That's normal. But if you can't hold on any longer, just let go. There will be other guys. We're still young, we're still exploring new stuff. So, whenever you're with a guy, please don't set your hopes too high. If you do, and things go wrong, you'll be even more heartbroken and that's tough.

Nowadays, teenagers just date for fun. Sometimes the word "Love" doesn't even mean a thing. And that's the problem. I know guys who only date girls because they "want" something. I know girls who date guys for the sake of having a boyfriend and that's my point. It's all fate. You can find "the one" at this age, but you never know if there was "another one".

"Omg, he's the one for me!!!": Thoughts like that are the things that break our hearts even more when you break up with a boy. I've learned from seeings others make that mistake that setting your hopes too high in a boy, especially as a teenager, can end really defectively.

I mean, I totally understand that things change when you're with someone, and things change again if they leave. I understand that you're with a guy, and when he leaves you miss him terribly. You want him back.

But if you think about it... Is it really about him, after all? Or is it about having somebody there for YOU? To make you feel special, to be there with a shoulder to lean on. Love is much more than that. Some teenagers are too naive to even take that in and believe it.

When you're with a boy... You don't come back the next day and make yourself believe he's the one. No, that can break your heart more than anything in the world. Wanna know why? Simple... What if he's NOT "the one"?

Has anybody ever wondered about their "the one", anyway? Other than who they are, of course. But nobody has ever figured out that there may be more than just one "the one's?" Or nobody has ever figured out that maybe you will take a wrong turn in life, turning you away from "the one"? It's never like that, no. Everybody is just too focused on finding a happily ever after to even appreciate what they have in front of them.

Sometimes you take one little step that you weren't supposed to in life, and everything becomes erroneous. Your "happily ever after" isn't so happy anymore.

Just... Take my advice. Please. Don't set your hopes too much for any boy. Don't change for any boy. Don't let any boy or for that matter anyBODY define your happiness! Or define the person that you are!

Remember, you can't love anybody else until you love yourself. And that goes for everything. You can't do something before you figure out the person you are. You can't follow a dream that's not yours.

I'll talk to you all very soon! I love you all!!

EDIT1: I know I sound so mature for a fifteen year old, but I like to think of solutions for problems that most teenagers don't look upon. I like to use big words. I love to express my thoughts and opinions into a piece of writing. I am so thankful every single day that God gave me a very special gift. A gift that can change the world, that can inspire. And I believe in myself. I believe that one day, I can change the world with my words.

That is something I wish to pursue one day. So thank you for supporting me and being there. <3

EDIT2: While I love for you to keep this advice for your future, I also advise you not to guarantee that this whole blog is the truth based on your life. Because everybody is different, everybody has their time. Time of birth, time of death, time of marriage, time of... So on. This blog was directed to a few people that I know of that set their hopes too high when they get a boyfriend. I never said you can't find love at this age, but if you're too focused on finding "the one", it makes it harder for you to deal with heartbreaks.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i have a dream

Do you remember when I wrote a blog about people with dreams, who are afraid of going after their dreams? I wrote that I didn't want to make that mistake. A mistake of letting somebody else tear away my dreams, and me giving up.

But I am making that mistake right now. It's almost as if I'm losing the person that I am. Like I wasn't supposed to be that person.

It feels as though I have nothing to live for, nothing more to give. I have a dream, I was willing to go after it... But the people in my life just don't understand. My friends do, but what are my friends going to do? Shove me on a plane and take me away? That's not possible.

I feel as though I've waited too late. Or that I was born into the wrong family. I want to have been born into a family that understands my dream, and allows me to go after it. You might be thinking that what kind of a family do I have? Don't think that. I love my parents too death, but they're not used to having a daughter with a dream.

I'm different than my brothers and sisters. I'm unique. I have a dream that I want to persue.

Nobody understands that. It's almost like I'm living a life that I don't want to live. What's the point, anyway?

On other news, it's summer vacation for me. I have to lighten up. I want to make this a summer I'll never forget. I hope you guys stay with me through this Summer Journey, I have a feeling a lot with happen that I will blog about.

Thank you for following my blogs and commenting for those who are. My 22 followers are probably the only thing I have left in me now.

But I love you guys, sooo much.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

fantasies and dreams

We all have fantasies. Most of these fantasies are probably impossible - But some of them aren't 100% impossible. Fantasy is sometimes better than reality. It washes your mind and makes you smile.

But then the time comes where you must face reality and forget your fantasies. Where you realize/think that your fantasy isn't going to happen. It makes you depressed. I'll use an example: You fantasize about being with your favorite celebrity. You've probably got a 10% chance of that happening - Depends on where and who you are. And when you realize that it might not happen, and a million other girls want it to happen to them... You get sad and miserable.

Then you just don't care anymore. You feel like there's no reason for you to care and keep trying. That's how I'm feeling right now.

In my family, I'm unique. Most of my sisters are just focused on finding a man, getting married and having children. But that's not me. And sometimes, my mum doesn't get it. I don't want to just get married and throw my life away. Sure, I might meet someone I really like when I'm older... But that doesn't mean we have to get married a few years later. I want to chase my dreams.

And that's why chasing my dreams, today, is so, so, so, sooo hard. Because nobody understands me. I come from a generation where nobody focuses on their dreams too much. None of my relatives were into the music, song-writing, hollywood type of thing. Which makes it hard for me.

Most celebrity's these days have at least one relative who are what they are. For example, Miley Cyrus' dad, Jonas' Brothers parents were in shows and into that musical stuff, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's parents understand their dreams and let them chase it at a very young age.

That's not like me. It's much harder for me because to me, none of my family members actually understand that I have a dream.

I have a dream and I am actually willing to fulfill it, one day.

If only I could get a glimpse of my future, that'd make things a lot better right now. I'm so confused. Like, what do I do now? Do I just give up?