Saturday, August 14, 2010


there seems to be a lot more "famous" people these days that only care about the money and the fame. when they reach that level, they lose themselves, they lose their faith in god, and they are brainwashed. it seems as though they think with the amount of money theyre aparently "making" will get them into heaven.

let me tell you something. heaven is not a vending machine. you cant just put in money you need to put in effort. do you really think the gates of heaven will open for you with all the sins your commiting, the evil thats taking over you, the disrespect? do you really think the sexual relations you have just for the pleasure is worth dissapointing god?

do you really want to be god's child, god's innocent angel who fell from the top and pleased satan instead of your creator? dont let the media and those (satan's undercover brainwashers) pull you into a cult (illuminati) to take control of your mind, your soul and your body because there is no illuminati in heaven, that is all just a distraction satan has sent his worshippers to brainwash us into thinking god misjudged satan. a devil is not named a devil for no reason.

make the right choices, make desicions wisely and think of the consequences that might occur before you act.