Tuesday, August 25, 2009

words heal like they hurt

I must say that I'm thankful to be able to share my stories to you guys and have you all relate to them and possibly even help and inspire you... Really, it means so much to me. And I will continue to thank you guys for your incredible support. :)

Before I begin, I'd like to remind you all.. TOMORROW! DOLLY'S SEPTEMBER ISSUE IS IN STORES. GO BUY A COPY!!!! Nooo, not because Robby Pattinson and that Bella chick are on the cover... but because I'M featured IN THE MAG! Ahhh! Buy a copy and you'll know allllllll about my story! :) Pictures and everything! Ahhh! Some of my friends were subscribed to Dolly, which means they get an issue earlier. And they kindly took a picture and showed me and I'm like "ahhhh!". So I CAN'T WAIT until Wednesday, (tomorrow), to get myself a copy.

Are you gonna get a copy?! Find it anywhere. From petrol-station stores to IGA to coles to Big W... :) Let me know what you think of my story once you do get a chance to get yourself a copy and read my article! Yes! :)

Okay, moving on now.. I must say that yesterday has been a great day for me. I'm not gonna like, jinx anything or anyone, so *knocks on the wood*... but I was actually happy. I felt good and proud and sort of special because I was fasting (it's the holy month of Ramadan) and school was good, and fun. & then I got home and found out about my feature in the September DOLLY. I live for these days, man. Honestly. I know that there's a lot of days where you just can't take it anymore.

You scream in your pillow. You cry like no tomorrow. (I think I feel a new song coming..) You blame yourself for the things life has thrown at you. (OMG, I think I'm actually inspired enough to write a song!!) You feel like you're alone in this huge world. You feel like nobody's listening. (Okay that's it, tomorrow's blog you're gonna see a new song no doubt!). You just don't feel like living and dealing with the things you don't want to deal with.

But then comes the days where you just seem to forget about that all and just... have fun. Smile. Those days you should cherish. Because they're going to over and you'll have to be faced with the same old bad times. But then the good days come again. And it just keeps coming back and forth.

Which brings me back to insecurity, somehow. You're not used to having a day that makes you happy. You don't know how to think or what to do. You look at yourself in the mirror and the only thing that has changed is the smile on your face.

But that should be enough.

Smile and the world, even me, will smile along with you.

Keep smiling and soon you'll take control over your life.

Sometimes when you're brought down, somebody complimenting you on... anything basically, is powerful enough to make you feel at least a bit better. Which reminds me of a time a while back.

I met this guy once. He was cute... really cute, actually. I was just standing there and thinking and then he interrupts my thoughts and says this exact line, "I don't mean to like, harass you or anything but you've got really good looking lips." Not kidding! Now, that time I was feeling really insecure about my looks so I didn't even look him in the eye before that.

But honestly, he complimented my LIPS. I immediately felt... important. Special. I was with another girl. She didn't get complimented. I did. It was like he knew I felt bad about myself.

I felt more secure about my looks after he compliments my LIPS.

That proves how much words can heal as much as they can hurt.

I kindly looked at him and smiled, "thaaaaaanks.." Ha.

All it takes is for somebody to call me beautiful and I'd be fine for most of the day. That's all. Beautiful. I wanted to be called beautiful because I didn't believe I WAS beautiful. I wanted somebody to yell at me. Yell at me for not believing. Say something like,

"Chin up man! Stop sooking!! You're freaking beautiful, don't you know that!!"

I would feel better if anybody told me that. Honestly, I would.

Anyway, that's it for today. I have loved sharing my past with you guys. And present. AND FUTURE *wink wink song-writing contract wink wink*. ;)

You guys are amazing. Your comments keep me writing. Honestly, they help me TOO. They show me that I'm not writing just to help myself and let things out... I'm writing to also help YOU guys.

I love you all. YOU'RE ALL BEAUTIFUL! And I love you from the bottom of my heart until the very top. (Nick Jonas goes somewhere in between there). Ha, don't ya feel special now? *wink wink*.

I can't stop winking. It reminds me of when I wink at my 2 year old nephew who has gorgeouuuuus Nick J curls. He tries winking back at me and ends up flinching! Cuuuuute! Lovin' him. Lovin' God. Lovin' YOU!

:) Kisses and Hugs. <3 -Hiba




  2. You are beautiful, Hiba!

    I am DEFINITELY buying Dolly tomorrow!
    I checked especially today to check they didn't put it on the shelves early.. they didnt :(
    Last night I was talking to my friend and I was like I know a girl whos gonna be in the next Dolly! Lol.

    You pretty much inspire me to blog :)
    Yeah, I like doing it, but you've inspired me to share my stories :)
    Even if nobody reads or comments.. LMAO.

    Anyways, thank you AGAIN :)
    I ALWAYS have problems with my insecurity haha.
    Love Emma

  3. i know how you feel recently an 11 year old told me i looked hot in my school uniform ( yeah it's BRIGHT PURPLE) it was the highlight of my day.
    And when my sister's friend told me i had gorgeous eyes it was an amazing feeling. I've always loved my eyes and now i know someone else does too.

    Thanks for writing these blogs they always remind me of the good in my life and make me thankful again.

  4. i just loooove your blogs :)
    yayay you can mention my name :)
    you're blogs are like heaps inspiring


  5. exactly how i feel, Hiba :)
    if anyone, AND I MEAN ANYONE, were to just say ANYTHING nice about the way i looked, on a day where i just feel like the ugliest person ever (inside and OUT), it lifts your spirits SOOO much.
    beyond anything that person could even imagine :) it's great!

    adoring your blogs more and more :) <3
    DEFF. picking up a dolly magazine!!

    xo adge

  6. Congrats on the Article. I remember you mentioning it a few months back. But now that it's confirmed, that's awesome.
    Your blogging is amazing.
    You inspired me to actually use mine :P
    I've had it for like a year. Just never used it for anything worthwhile. But Now I am.
    And thank you for that.
    You're an amazing girl. Don't ever forget that.

  7. i love reading your blogs...there are so inspiring!!
    also congratulations on being in dolly and the song writing contract :)i will def be picking up a dolly mag tomorrow


  8. that was so sweet
    ur blogs always make me feel better about life and myself

    love teagan (teaganxoxo) =D

  9. Aww that's cute
    And totally true
    I don't think many people realize how far a simple compliment can go.
    I didn't realize until now, when I thought about it, but whenever I get a compliment, I smile and feel good.
    I don't have money at the moment, but I'll definately read your article in dolly. Even if I have to read it in the shops, which I do alot lol.
    Unless it's in plastic lol
    Great blogging :D
    Love Tash xx

  10. hiba :D
    your blog made me smile on a day when I really needed it...so thanks :D
    you are such a beautful person on the inside and outside
    dont ever feel insecure of your body
    God made you perfect just the way you are
    i really wish i could buy the dolly magazine but i have not one penny in my pocket (or purse lol) so im really sorry
    i wish you all the best of luck with your contract
    im sure a wonderfull person like yourself with go very far in life
    you know where you want to go and what you want to be, which is something to be commened on
    i cant wait for your next blog and song :D
    xo :D

  11. Guess what??

    I got my DOLLY and im going to read it now!!

  12. Awesome story Hiba!!

    Wow 60% cut- sweet

    I hope it takes you to the top!!

    Jaimi <3

  13. As I type this, Mum is buying Dolly for me! :D

    I just wanted to let you know that you're mentioned in my 'God Bless Christa Black' blog :)
    Check it out if you can, haha. Coz I doubt anyone else will :P

    Love you!


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