Sunday, August 23, 2009

just smile, and i'll smile too

Nothing can explain how thankful I am to have such wonderful readers who comment. So thank you. So, so, so much.

I've decided to skip straight to a story. The past is always more interesting than the present. My life is boring right now, so I don't think you're gonna wanna know about it. Unless you won't get bored if I started with: "Today I woke up, brushed my teeth, tied up my hair. I got dressed and stayed home. Checked my email, checked my Tweets. Wrote a new blog, ate then slept." I think you'll get bored if my whole blog was based on something like that. Ha.

Okay so, let's see what I've covered already:
-My love and faith for God (check)
-Insecurity (check)
-Appreciating (check)
-My horrible birthday (check)

I think I might start something new. Tell you about a whole different side in my life. I'm kinda sick of the depressing blogs that do nothing but bring back bad memories. Of course, they do make me feel better just by letting them out. But you're probably thinking my whole life is full of sadness by now.

Writing is a big part of my life. I love to write. Especially songs. My passion for writing has been growing on me ever since I was a little girl. Even if my songs or stories wouldn't make sense, I'd still write them and be proud of myself after doing so. Things didn't start to get serious for until I think it was last year.

I found out about a music business company, Paramount, from Nashville, U.S.A. They would give you chances to send in your own songs and if they liked them, they'd add music/melody's to them and send demo's off to people that actually sing.

I thought, why not? So I sent about 10 of my songs. A month later I got a letter in the mail from Paramount. They told me: "What great lyrics you've sent us! In fact, we believe that the talent you've displayed shows outstanding hit song potential," and they awarded me with a song-writing contract. I know, AMAZING! I could barley breathe. They chose 4 of the 10 songs I sent in.

In the contract, I had to agree on being responsible for the instruments they use in my songs. Which means I had to pay for them. At first I kinda gave up, because I didn't know how or what to do. But when I told my teacher, she told me she'd be glad to help. So my school is doing a fund-raising day where most of the money would go to me. I am soo thankful that this day has come. So I'm going to appreciate it. Even when the times come where I just sit back and think, "who am I kidding? I'll never reach my dream."

Second, have you ever read DOLLY Magazine? Well, a few months back, I sent my story about how I got a song-writing contract all the way from America. They sent back saying they'd love to have me featured in their magazine. They wanted to call me first, though, for an interview. I asked my dad and he goes sure, so I sent my number and a week later they called. I felt like a celebrity for the whole interview.

"What do you write about? When did you start writing? Who's your inspiration? Do you ever have a writers block?"

They asked me questions like those. Then, they sent me a form which I had to get my daddy to sign in order for me to be in the magazine. He signed it, I sent if off, they sent another email asking for pictures.

Now I'm just waiting for the September issue to come out, because I'm most likely in it! Make sure ya'll check back on: Twitter, FFE, & THIS BLOG, so I can let you guys know when it's out.. if you wanna buy it... I mean, if ya wanna.. Ha.

It's been an amazing journey for me, and I haven't even left the country. I'm still 14, I know that I have a lot to look forward to, but I'm choosing to go after my dream from today. I don't want to finish year 12 and be one of those people who just sit back and say, "shit. What am I gonna do now?" Cause I've seen people waste their lives on nothing.

I don't want to just get married and have kids. I want to make something out of my life. Of course, I DO want to get married one day and have kids. But I don't want to rush anything.

Thanks for reading guys. I think tomorrow they'll be more "depressing" blogs. Ha. But I just thought I'd share with you guys about the happy part of my life. Unfortunately, my whole life isn't "happy".. but nobody's is.

Once again, thank YOU SO much. It means a lot to me when you read and comment on my blogs. Remember, you're beautiful. Reach out for happiness, and the happiness will come to you.

I love you all!! -Hiba


  1. I can't wait for DOLLY to come out!!

    I really want to read your story!!


  2. OK well I buy dolly all the time anway but this is definately an amazing reason to buy it! when i read that i had my mouth open the whole time! that is seriously amazing! wow! congratulations!!!! well i can't wait to see you win best female artist at the teen choice awards in the upcoming years haha :)
    that's amazing
    really proud :)


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