Tuesday, September 1, 2009

he's looking down

God. He's looking down. At all of us. He is the only one who can feel how you feel when you're having a tough time. He is the only one who can see your true colors, even if you don't show them. God is looking down at you. He's looking down and thinking, "wow this person is strong." He is proud. He created a person who can handle a lot of things. Tears, cuts, bruises, fights.. He does not want to see you sad. Ever.

He created you to go after what you want. He wants you to be happy.

However, he also created people who took the wrong path. Walked down the road of life and instead of turning a certain way, with the rest of us, turned the other way. This person made the wrong choice of making the right choice.

This person's action has put them into a bad position. Abusing because they don't like the fact that they've ruined their only chance at life. Yelling because they don't like who they've become. Yelling words at other people they want to yell at themselves.

Don't ever blame yourself or God for any bad moments in your life. Don't blame anyone. Just keep your head up, fight it through. So when that time comes where you're smiling, joyfully... You'll be able to smile even more because you fought through a time all by yourself. And that's what makes us all strong people every day.

Appreciating every moment of your life is what makes you a happy person in the end. Sit on your bed, in the sunlight and think. Don't let anybody bother you. Block out the screaming and yelling, if there's any in your house amongst your brothers/sisters/parents etc. If somebody is yelling at you, just say "Okay", no matter how much you're dying to comment back.

That way you won't be too upset at the end. When you smile, you'll smile for a reason.

And guess what? I will smile along with you. And so will the world.

Trust me on this. Trust yourself. Trust GOD. And nobody else should be able to ruin your day. If they do, you'll have at least SOMEBODY to turn to.

I love you.



  1. It's awesome how our creative God created creative people to do creative things. Just like you. Thanks for the insight Hiba! :)

  2. God is amazing.
    This is a great and insightful blog.
    Amazing Hibz <3

  3. Omigosh Hiba....
    That blog was purely amazing!
    Everything you put into that blog was what I was going through last night :( it hurts me a lot that I'm 20 and still being treated like shit by my own father but God AND your blogs make me strong that I can do this :)
    Your blogs are powerful Hiba :) they lift others spirits so high seriously, you have a gift as for your song writing ability AND THESE BLOGS ARE WOW!
    I love God unconditionally and for you to write about him makes me see how much he does for each and everyone of us out there! :)
    My mum always makes me say Allah Akbar everywhere I go etc, I'm pretty sure you know what that means :)

    Keep up these incredible blogs, you're going to make history one day!
    I love you hun!
    Thanks for your beautiful, kind, encouraging etc words you put in your blogs!

  4. That was amazing!
    That really helped me today, when I needed it most.
    Kinda going thru a little rough patch, but I'm making sure it doesn't get to me :D
    I now understand that it definitely isnt my fault :)



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