Wednesday, August 26, 2009

yeah baby!

Guess what I'm reading right now? The September issue of DOLLY magazine! Have you got it yet?! I've already taken a picture (click to see bigger version):

Wow. Hahaha. Amazing. I never imagined that I'd get a song-writing contract or be in a magazine. It's almost like a dream coming true. ;)

I promised you guys this blog will be dedicated to you all! And I'm keeping my promise no doubt!

I also promised to post a song I wrote just yesterday. :) It's called "Words Heal Like They Hurt". Let me know what you think? I'd love to hear your opinions!

You said I wasn't beautiful.
You said you didn't love me.
You called me all these nasty words.
I didn't believe in me, suddenly.
I cried and I cried
And I wished at night
That I could run away and die.
But then you came along and you said
That life is hard but there's no need to worry.
Even if that person doesn't say sorry.

But words can heal
As much as they can hurt.
They called you ugly.
But we called you beautiful.
Oh, words.. they can heal.
Like they hurt.
Look around, this is real.
It's time that you learned.
That words can hurt.
But words can heal.
If you're smart enough
You'll smile and the world
Will smile along with you..

You said you didn't like me.
And I wondered what type you liked.
Skinny, blonde hair, bikini?
I'm sorry that I'm not what you like.
And they came on along.
And wiped away my tears.
The words that said I'm beautiful.
The words that washed away my fears.


You called me ugly.
And it cut me like a knife.
You said I wasn't pretty.
No, I wasn't alright.
But they called me amazing.
It healed, it was my cure.
They said I was beautiful.
And wiped away my tears.



Words can heal..
As much as they can hurt.
If you're afraid this isn't real.
Look around, I'm right here..

Soooo... what do ya'll think?!?! Leave a comment - I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Moving on now. I've said this a lot of times and I'm going to keep saying it. THANK YOU. You, you, you and even YOU. I love you all so much, you don't understand. Thanks for your support and comments, they honestly mean the world to me.

Some of you guys commented on my last blog, so I'll be able to use your name.

Warning: The following girls are so amazing you'll forget to breathe.

(thanks for the YOU'RE FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!!!")
(you're just simply amazing. thanks for my mention in your blog!)
(i'm sure you make bright purple uniform look amazing!)
(you're inspiring for calling my blogs inspiring. thank you!)
(YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!! you can put a smile on my face any day)
(i'm honored to have inspired you to blog again!)
(i love you for loving to read my blogs. ha! thanks so much, seriously!)
(i've known for a while; feels like years. thanks you for everything!)
(thanks so much for your comment. it means the world to me!!)
(you're so incredible! lovin ya!)
(you're always there to support me. thank you so much!)

Of course, I'd like to thank every one of you, but these people commented on my last blog when I mentioned I'd be able to put their names in my blog! Remember, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! You guys are amazing. Inside and out. Without ya'll, I wouldn't even be writing. Honestly. You guys help me as much as you claim I help YOU! Thank you so much!!!

(you girls are amazing!!! love you guys!)
(tweet tweet all you can, still lovin' ya!)
(you've been here since the beginning of all the changes. i love you so much)

Tomorrow, look forward to a blog talking more about my past. Once again, thanks so much. I love you all sooooo much; you have nooo idea!! <33>


  1. That song was amazing!
    Paramount DEFINITELY picked the right person :D

    You're so sweet, thanks for the shoutout :)
    And no worries for your mention in my blog, haha.

    Love you

  2. aw Hiba, that song was so warming.. if that makes sence haha.. i love it. The message potrayed in the song is fantastic <333 just like your previous blog :)

    thanks so much for the shoutout! :)
    <33 lovin' ya girlie!!! :)
    xo adge

  3. hey hiba :D
    that song was so fantastic it made me cry
    it relates to me in such a deep way
    it it was a hit song right now it would be playing on repeat on my ipod
    Paramount did the right thing by signing you
    you are such a fantastic person and good things always happen to those who deserve it...and trust me you are more than deserving
    you will go very far with your life i bet :D
    congratulations on the feature...wish i could buy the magazine but im broke at the moment...sorry
    xo :D

  4. Aww
    That's an awesome song :)
    Congrats on the song contract :D

    Thanks for the shout out :)
    Love Tash xx

  5. that song was amazing!!
    i look forward to reading your blog everyday it's always fantastic.
    you have to say if ever anyone sings your songs i will buy their CD just to see you name in fine print next to the lyrics in the little book thing.
    Love foreve(no r coz that's the end of forever)


  6. hey hiba :D
    that song was so fantastic it nearly made me cry
    OMG i can't believe you got a contract Paramount i always knew your lyrics were really fantastic on AFFE. You are such a fantastic person and you deserve it so much. You will go so far with your life i bet soon everyone will know your name :D
    congratulations of getting in Dolly i got it sent in the mail on Monday and i was like OMG that is HIBA. Its feels so cool to just think that AFFE we read your lyrics before anyone else and we gave our opinions on them. I always knew they were great. When u are famous never forget the people at AFFE.
    xo :D

  7. that was beautiful
    you are on of the most amazing people i know and i feel so honored to call u my friend
    love teagan xoxo

  8. WOW, congratulations! That's so amazing that you got a contract - wow!
    Best wishes, Hiba, I sincerely hope that you may one day write a song for Nick :)
    And just so you know, you ARE beautiful :)
    God bless you to the Heavens! :)

    Love Nerissa <3 x

  9. you have amazing writing ability....I am glad that I visited your blog....wish you all the best....:)


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