Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what's the point?!

what's the point of putting others down? what's the point? is it so you can feel good and powerful and bigger than us? is it because you think your opinion is always needed everywhere? is it because you think what you're saying is right but really, it's not?

well i'll tell you something. i'm not interested in what you think you're doing for me or anybody else. if i ask for your opinion, sure, tell me. but you have no right coming onto my personal blog and giving me your shit-ass comments which i do not need. i don't need someone who's afraid of letting me know who they're really are.. telling ME that I'M talking shit.

who are you to tell me that? oh, right.. nobody knows.. cause you're a little scared shit who has nothing better to do than comment on the blogs that they do not like.

and the worst part is, i would have thought you're, you know, brave or whatever but that all washed off my mind when i saw you commented as a anonymous.

scared much?

are you afraid if i tell people about you, they'd see the true you? the one that tries insulting another person JUST to make yourself feel a little better?

of course, we all have our own opinions. sometimes our opinions can give us big-heads. this is the case. an opinion isn't the TRUTH. it's just a person's perspective of something in-particular. and here you are, making it sound like you're some top bitch. you don't own me. you don't own australianFFE. you don't own this blog. you don't and never will own the jonas brothers, either.

which means you can't tell others when to and when not to speak about them and where to and where not to. which means you can't tell ME what to talk about on the Twitter that I CREATED for fans to connect.

Oh. Yeah. So you're telling me that I'm not allowed to write personal tweets just because it's a twitter for Jonas Brothers fans? Hahahaha. You crack me up. I don't want the fans to look at our Twitter and find info they can find pretty much anywhere else. It's not all about the info. It's about bonding between OTHER JB fans. Personal tweets help when you wanna make friends with people you connect with.

get a life asshole.

maybe you should think about it at least?

so instead of commenting me with those pointless opinions of yours when you know that i will not appreciate them, don't comment at all.

it's simple. it's easy.

p.s sorry for calling you a bitch and an asshole. i should have thought of something more insulting.

p.p.s i'm not just going to let you get away with anything you do, even if i don't know who you are. i'm not going to look like a girl who's afraid of standing up for herself when people give her shit like this because i'm not that girl

byeeeeee loser..

and as for everybody else who's been supporting me.. thank you.


  1. Go you =].... they have NO right to say those things... we still Love you... tehe (in a non-dodgy way) =P

  2. i read the comments that so called "annonymus" wrote and your right, we do want to know more about you and become friends with you. it isnt all about JB and thats good. coz there are too many all JB twitters out there and Aus FFE is good because it brings JB fans together :)

    love you. xx


Ignore the text below. I've turned the Anonymous option back on. I'll probably turn it back off soon because I really have no time for your pathetic comments, but you know what, go ahead. If you want to hide behind an anonymous picture and name, go for it. It doesn't make you much a bigger person, anyway. :)
------***From past experiences, you will no longer be allowed to post comments if you do not have a Google Account. I'm sorry to those of you doing the right thing, but I do not want Anonymous users commenting and this is the only way I can make that happen. I can not stop other people being ignorant however I can stop them from reaching me. If you're reading but you can not comment, I'd still like to thank you. Stay beautiful.