Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i'm sorrrrry..

wow - i have not written a blog in, what feels like, so long! for this, i am truly sorry! i've been really busy and my writers block is no more.. for my song-writing. but now, i can't think of anything to write a BLOG about! stupid thing! ha. it's the last week of the term, and with all the reports and etc, i'm really busy. if you see me on twitter, i'm also doing my homework. it's so hard.

i promise to try and write a new blog as soon as i can. probably even tomorrow!

random news.. i'm learning spanish! estoy aprendiendo poco a poco espaƱol. Which means, "I'm slowly learning Spanish". Of course, it will take a while and I only should know the basic words that are used in every-day sentences. I've been having conversations with people that are actually spanish, in spanish - which is pretty cool..

anyway! so, i'm soo sorry guys. i love ya'll so much. for all your help and support. if i don't post a blog on nick's birthday.. you can seriously kill me. i'll kill myself. i must mark this date forever with a blog! hahaha.

i love you, once again. you all are amazing people.. truly. i think i know what to write my blog about tomorrow.. right now, i gotta go to bed. school tomorrow. :/

stay tuned my loves! -hibz

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