Wednesday, September 9, 2009

it takes courage..

on this blog, i am not going to use capital letter where needed. because that is not what this blog focuses on. not using the right punctuation doesn't make this blog perfect.. and that is what this blog is about. i hope when you read this, you feel at least a little better. motivated. and then you will know that you are never alone...

so tell me... you. you right there. you the one that's reading my words. the one that's reading my story...the person who is as beautiful as a perfect was your day? did it suck? did you wanna run away? did you feel like nobody cared?

or maybe you felt happy... maybe you didn't feel sad. maybe today was a good day for you.

or maybe you're stuck in had a good begin with...then something happened and your good day become bad...

how ever your day ever the sun ever the rain came falling down..or however the wind blew against your came home...and you started to read this blog.

maybe cause you felt low and you needed some cheering up..maybe because you wanted to prove to yourself that you're not alone..maybe i inspired you..or maybe you just felt bad because i had asked you to read.. (thank you so much)

you...right there...staring back at your screen, reading along the words that i have written...did you know that you're beautiful in every possible way? did you know that you're an amazing person? did you know that god knows that?

i bet you didn't..which is why i started this blog site..because i have read some blogs by others, like christa black, who just let everything out..they were sharing their story..and i related. that proves that sharing your own personal story can make others know that they're never alone...because they relate.

did you know that it takes courage to get up every morning when you feel.. yuck? not appreciated? you do this for your lord. you do this for yourself. or you just don't wanna be late to school..but either takes courage.

to go outside when you don't feel go to school when you don't feel tell yourself you're beautiful when you don't feel it..

let me tell you're're a strong person. you can handle a lot of are the one that has the power to brighten up your own day..

nobody else. you.

god is with you all the time..he's watching you from up above..he's hoping that you will keep holding on..and when you do, you feel blessed. you feel as if god has blessed you because you just made it through a tough day..

and that's what makes you a beautiful

you make yourself make yourself feel beautiful..nobody else. when somebody compliments choose to take it as a feel better when someone compliments you because you take that compliment in..

and you believe..

don't ever doubt anything in your life, sweeties...because doubting just stops the train of life you're makes things makes it harder for you to believe in yourself..

don't ever let that happen..just know that i am thinking of you..just know that god is with you all the are never alone.

i love you so're all amazing and perfect..


p.s this blog was inspired by christa black. this whole blog website was, too..but this blog was more inspired by her..she told me i was beautiful..she told me i was perfect..and i'm passing the love on. because i love you that much. xo


  1. ughh, i had one of those ''happy < sad'' days, started out hypo, got worse & worse.

    my teacher asked who is going to this highschool next year (we have a k-12 school) & i didnt put my hand up. then i saw all these people look my way then they were just like 'yess!!!'

    i have been quite misarable ever since.
    just to feel unwanted is like watching a bird flutter to the ground to never rise again.
    to be called ugly, hideous, unwanted is like being stabbed in the gut.

    its beautiful to know that i can come home & truat words ment for someone were ment for me.

    thanks you, hiba.


    ps. i kinda just made my own tiny little blog within my comment. simple win.

  2. whenever i have a bad day... i come and read your blogs and they instantly cheer me up :)
    so thank youu

  3. Awwww, thank you for this blog.
    Instantaneous happiness :)

  4. your absolutely gorgeous Hiba..
    inside. outside.. all other sides XD
    your words are truly amazing :)
    love you girlie!! xo

  5. Aww Hiba :)
    Your blog is awesome!
    I'm always looking forward to your updates :D
    Love you xx

  6. I haven’t commented on your blogs for a while- oops

    Hiba you are so amazing and talented, this blog brought a tear to my eye cause I realised how much everyone can relate back to each other.

    Yes we all have our bad days but they are put aside cause they joy and happiness of all the good days out shines those bad ones!!

    Keep writing- I love your inspiring words (and so does everyone else)

    <3 Jaimi

  7. this week my life has been awesome i haven't a bad day or a bad throught and i think you might have something with it. yay hiba love u babe


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