Wednesday, September 16, 2009

nicky j

I told ya I'd write a blog today! Because today is a very special day. Today is the day of Nick Jonas's birthday..

Wow - That was a lot of "days".

Well, it is! I'd like to wish Nick Jonas a very happy 17th birthday. I swear it feels like yesterday we were celebrating his 15th. And I was like, 12. Nobody was kidding around when they said time was traveling way too fast and we're getting older way too fast! Ha.

Right now.. I am licking my lips every second. No, not because I've got them covered in chocolate. Not because I'm wearing a lip-gloss that tastes like strawberries.. but because I'm fasting. AND MY LIPS ARE FREAKING DRY TO THE MAX. They have never been this dry.. and it's soo annoying. Oh well, only about an hour until I can drink water.. Yum, water. I was stuck at school today, in the hot weather.. watching people drink water. I was craving it. So bad. I was so thirsty.. But the sun was beautiful. :)

Okay, okay - I'll stop blabbing on about things you probably don't care about..

Did you guys hear about Kanye West & Taylor Swift? I am truly upset about the fact that I actually thought Kayne West was going up on the stage to CONGRATULATE Taylor.. not diss on her. Honestly, in my opinions.. I think it was a really stupid thing to do and Kanye didn't even think before going on stage. Taylor deserved that award. She's a really talented person. It was her first time winning a VMA. Beyonce' has won many VMA's. Why couldn't he let Taylor have her moment instead of humiliating her in front of soo many fellow celebrities, and fans.. and well, the world?

Beyonce' was truly being a beautiful person that she is. I loved it how she let Taylor re-do her speech later on.

What are your opinions on the incident that happened at the VMA's 2009 between Kenye West and Taylor Swift? Leave your thoughts in the comments for this blog! Love you all.


  1. for joe's birthday, i went for a picnic.
    for nick's, im gonna sing him a song then upload it d:

  2. What Kanye did was very inconsiderate. What did he think he would get out of it? As they say - any publicity is good publicity.
    Anyway- good luck with your fasting. I fasted for Easter for 50 days, but i know its not the same to what you have to do.
    toodles, x



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