Thursday, September 10, 2009

more about me.

There's a lot you guys don't know about me just yet (and to think that was even possible!) so I will answer your questions on this blog!

Q; Who would you consider your biggest inspiration besides Jonas Brothers? (Nick Jonas) - Ashley

A; Well, the answer to that has to be Taylor Swift. I can relate to almost every one of her songs and it means a lot to be able to listen to this girl.. who used to be a normal teenager like me.. who went through bad times.. rough times.. bullying times.. (as she's said).. and now she's on top of the world. She gives me faith that I can end up like her one day (with my writing).

Q; Also, who are your favorite bands beside Jonas Brothers? -Ashley

A; Mmm.. I'm not sure. I'm not really into bands other than Jonas. Paramore is pretty cool.. Boys Like Girls.. I mean, I only like a few songs from each band so I guess that's not really considered "favorite". I'm more into the solo artists like Demi Lovato, etc. BUT! However. I am now officially in love with Coldplay! Their songs are UHMAZIN.

Q; What's the first and last thing you think about each morning and night? - Chesneyh

A; Each day I think of something differently. But most of the time, each morning I first think about the day ahead... how my day is going to be... what's going to happen.. and at night, I think about everything I did that day. But other than those.. the first and last thing I think about in the morning+night.. is God. :)

Q; Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you don't belong and you're not wanted, and you just wanna run away? - Richelle

A; Yes. Yes. YES. These days have come and they have gone and they come again and then they go and so on. It happens to everyone. I feel all alone, even though I know I'm not. I look up at the sky, watch the sun.. watch the moon.. look at the stars and then I know for sure that I am not alone.. somewhere... somewhere in the world, somebody is looking at the same sun, moon and stars that I am looking at.. and thinking the same thing I am thinking. Life will always have it's rough times. Sometimes, believe it or not, I've thought that I don't belong in my family. Like everybody hates me. I'm the odd one out. Like I'm not loved.. Like I was born into a family I don't belong in. It hurts because sometimes I don't like to be proven wrong. Like in Black Keys.. Nick says/writes "she hates the sun cause it proves she's not alone and the world doesn't revolve around her soul". That line means a lot to me. Sometimes I like to think something and even though I know I'm NOT alone - but I feel like I am - I don't WANT to believe it.

Q; Why does Nick Jonas inspire you? How does he inspire you? - Frequently Asked.

A; When I tell people that hate the boys that Nick Jonas inspires me.. you know what they say? "You only love him cause you think he's hot!!". Not true. At all. I'm not going to say I don't think he's good looking or attractive.. but that's not the reason why I love him. There are fans that think like that.. but I am not one of them. I love Nick Jonas because he inspires me with my writing - and writing is the most important part of my life. It's a really big part of my life and it means a lot to me. Nick Jonas writes his own songs. Mostly about things anybody can relate to. Not always about girls or relationships or broken hearts. About life.. The good and the bad.. And that's what I love about him. He inspires me to write about my life. And that has helped me a lot because writing something down is letting something out.. and that changes a lot in my life. When I listen to the song he has written.. like Black Keys.. A Little Bit Longer.. etc, I smile. I smile at the words. I smile at his voice. They're both perfect for me. Then I instantly feel the urge to get up and start writing a song.. and the song ends up being my new favorite song that I have written. It means a lot to me.

Q; How passionate are you about writing? - Unknown.

A; Very passionate. I'm also passionate about music. Writing and music mix together.. they link together. I love to write because I love music. When I had a writers block a few weeks back.. I was going crazy. I couldn't think of ANYTHING to write and it killed me because I wasn't used to it. I really do love writing - it's become a big part of my life.

Q; Do you like the Beatles? -Sara

Yes! I LOVE JOHN LENNON - I must say. He was and still is an amazing human being. "Imagine" will forever be my favorite songs of history. He really is... he's just incredible. My dad was a big fan back in the days. John Lennon - you're awesome and forever will be. The Beatles are awesome, too. :)

That's all the questions I have time for now! I must go to bed. It's almost 12AM.. and I have school. Argh. I hope you guys enjoyed reading more about me! Thank you so much for your comments. They mean the WORLD to me - you have noo idea. So THANK YOU.

Here are a few video links.. that changed my life. Doves Campaign for Real Beauty:

Real Beauty or Fake?

Amy... is beautiful. And so are you.

I love the "Amy" one. And yes.. I did send it to you guys because I think each and every one of you are beautiful. (Watch the ad and you'll understand what I'm on about).

Honestly. You girls/guys are amazing. You're beautiful. You're perfect in every little way.

Talk soon.. xox -Hibz


  1. Well, it was nice to read about you :)
    I'm like you, in the fact that I listen to solo singers more. Jonas Brothers will always be my favourite band though
    :) Ily xx

  2. whens the new blog coming along, hiba?
    or is it stuck in a traffic jam d:


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