Sunday, September 20, 2009


i've literally been sitting on my computer for so long.. thinking of what to blog about. i hate when these writers blocks make their way towards me and my life. it's so annoying and frustrating; especially because writing is important to me. when you can't do something you love - it gets on your nerves.

anyhoo - moving on now. it's about time i actually write a blog that's worth reading!

do you have parents who protect you a little.. too much? have you ever been forbidden to go after your dream? are your parents afraid of letting you go? are you stuck in the house? do you wanna get out into the real world and go after your dream.. but somebody in your life is pulling you back?

i was thinking about it today.. some of you want to be an actor. some of you want to become a chef, an author, teacher, doctor, lawyer.. I respect whatever you're dream is. But always.. in every person's life.. there will be people that DON'T respect YOU and what YOU want to do.

you can't become a doctor when you're stuck inside of a room, only 4 walls surrounding you. you can't become a teacher if you don't go out and even TRY.

i just wish parents could understand that.

i was thinking today. I had an argument with my mum and after a while I'm like, "who am i kidding? i'll never become well-known or successful for what i love doing." I mean, in my opinion, if you can't become who you want to become in life, there's no point in living it. some of you don't know who you want you become because you don't know who you are RIGHT NOW.

there always has to be a place where you start, for you to jump onto something else.

my point is.. don't hold back. fight for what you believe. fight for yourself. do you want to live your life doing something you never wanted to do? and being a person you don't wanna be? i don't think so.

never ever ever EVER let a single person hold you back from your dream.

sometimes, it's YOU who's holding back YOU.. don't do that.. it hurts. it hurts to see you hurt yourself. honestly, it does. when you let this happen, i lose my faith.

i've seen people make these kind of mistakes. they're not "allowed" to be what they want to be so they just.. don't. they live a whole different life to what they had planned. i don't want to make that mistake.

and i don't want to see you making that mistake.

how are we supposed to believe when you don't? it's much harder to believe in something when you see others failing at it.

now of course, there's going to be times where i just sit back and think negativly like i just pointed out before. but that's normal. in the end, it's what's making me stronger.

and me being strong, is believing that YOU'RE strong as well..

so, my beautiful friends.. in the future, i want to be able to google your name and read something that will make me smile. i want to be able to read your name.. see your picture.. read what you're doing.. and i hope it's what you WANT to do.

NEVER let the fear of ANYTHING keep you from going after your dream.

a dream is a wish that you make.. a wish you want to be able to live forever doing.

have a good day, amiga's. and know that i am thinking of you.

xox -hibz


  1. *Sigh* I know what you mean. All I want to do is grow up to be one of the best female bassists known. But my parents want me to be all smart, and get a good job. The only reason why I'm not living my dream is because I want my parents to be proud of me.

  2. I think alot of us at this age can relate to what you just said. Because it's now that we begin to think about actually starting to go for our dreams, but in alot of cases, parents, money, or whatever is holding you back.

    Nice blog btw :)

  3. ahhh, i don't have parents like that, but my mum protects me when it comes to leaving home, she doesn't want me to leave, and i want to leave when i'm 17. Uni for me is in sydney. but my mum doesn't like that. My dad fully supports me in what i do and i love him so muh for that. Hiba, your blogs are amazing. And thankyou for everything you do.
    I want to be an author, journalist or a singer .. but what ever i choose, i want to believe in myself, and i know when i google YOUR name, it would camoe up with an amazing song writer :D

  4. Wow Hiba, i can really relate to this.
    I hope you know how many people you inspire.
    I wish i could become an author or journalist, and sometimes i want to be an actress, or even a radio host. But I can't do any of those things that I want because i'm too busy trying to please my parents. They even put me in a school where everyone gets extremely high marks... it was so hard at first, but eventually, i got used to it. These past 2 weeks i haven't been able to do what I wanted, instead, I was studying.

    But thanks Hiba, because this blog honestly opened my eyes. <3

  5. i just caught up on ALL of your blog. i relate to every single entry in some way.

    i wish i could be as beautiful as you.

    i wish i could have as much faith in God. i mean, i do believe in Him, and turn to Him often in times of doubt... but I want to be able to count on Him, and love Him; like you do. the reason i can't is because i'm incredibly selfish. i don't show Him much love because i don't seem to notice His love for ME. i know He does, but i don't give Him enough of my attention to realise it.

    i say my life sucks too often, when the truth is i'm incredibly blessed. i guess if i can't make myself see God's love for me, i don't get to see the blessings and good fortune that comes from it either.

    the point is, i'll continue to read your blog because i want to get to know you, God and MYSELF better. i want to improve myself - i want it BAD.

    i hope you can help me. because it's gonna take a PHENOMENAL effort to get me to stop doubting. doubting what? everything. especially myself.

    i'm not forcing the responsibility on you or anything, just letting you know that you inspired me to hope. hope that i can make this, my life, work out the best for me and everyone i love - including God. because i'm not living it right - and you've motivated me to start trying to fix it before it's too late.

    thankyou hiba! :)


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