Tuesday, October 6, 2009

you're amazing. yes, you.

When someone compliments you, don't you feel good?

When someone compliments you about a talent, you feel even better.

You guys are amazing. Incredibly amazing. I can't thank you enough but I am going to try to. So here I go..

Wow. Nothing can explain the feeling that I get when people tell me good things about the thing I love doing most: Writing. I love to write. It's a passion. It grew on me as I grew older and it is still growing on me. I'm learning new things each day and it's amazing to be able to tell you guys by writing a song. Your words mean a lot to me, honestly.

YOU'RE the reason why I am still writing today. Why I have kept my faith. You guys have helped me much more than you know. The comments you leave, leave butterflies in my stomach because I am so excited to show you more and show the rest of the world when it's time.

When you tell me that I'VE inspired YOU, that inspires ME. You have no idea. It's just amazing to have been blessed with a talent that helps me with life. When I have a tough day, I write and from my writing, comes songs. It helps me get everything all out.

I'm not going to deny that I have a talent. The point of having a talent is believing and realizing that you DO have a talent. The talent grows stronger by the day. And when people remind me that I have a talent, I don't tell them "Noo, I don't.." and blush. I don't say "I know!!!" either. I thank them.

I also thank God. For blessing me with something that I love so much and that you guys support me with. Without your love and support, I wouldn't believe in myself as much as I do today.

So THANK YOU. I love you with all of my heart. <3


  1. I love you, Hiba.
    And your blogs.
    I'm glad that you inspire me, because then you don't give up :)
    PS. Your mentioned in my latest post :P
    Love you.

  2. Awww, you're amazing Hibz.
    You're my inspiration.
    Don't ever forget that.
    We love you <3


  3. tehe... thank you too for being... AMAZING (cant think of a different word, im too tired right now) =]

  4. We thank you,for being inspirational.
    you are truly amazing.
    maz xo


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