Sunday, June 26, 2011

you'll be okay

Things get tough... not everything will go your way. That's reality. Yeah, sometimes it's good to fantasize about what you wish you had. For instance, dreaming. It makes you happy, doesn't it? That's what matters. But then you have to come back to reality and realize that this is what you're stuck with and therefore meaning you have to either work your way around it or cry about it.

Either way, this is reality.

Things don't always go your way and sometimes you'll get hurt. Your heart will break, your insecurity will kick in, your self-esteem isn't so high, your confidence is low. Sometimes it seems like so many things are going wrong.

But... well life goes on. Whether you're happy or sad, time doesn't stop. The clock keeps ticking and time keeps passing. It's now your choice whether to choose to push past the agony or cry about something you can no longer change.

I guess I'm ranting a lot because I don't know where I'm going with this particular post but it's pretty late and I'm tired but this is the hour where I think about a lot of things. My point is, you'll be okay. Hold on.

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