Sunday, June 19, 2011


Why is there always somebody who is displeased? Why must there always be a hater? Why does it seem like we care about celebrities more than cancer patients? Why is there always somebody to ruin your day? Somebody to ruin your self-concept, your self-esteem, your confidence. You walk out thinking "Wow I'm confident today" only to have it ruined by somebody. Why? Why are you against bullying but find it okay to hate on a celebrity? Why do you think it's okay to say mean things about someone you don't know, but when someone you don't know says something about you, you're mad? Why? Why is it that you can't accept difference? Why can't you learn the definition of peace and live it? Why can't you respect others?

Are you immature? Are you too young? Are you hurt, are you broken, are you scarred. WHY? Why do you hate? Why must you focus on what you despise rather than what you don't? Why must you stereotype? Why do you feel the need to make someone feel bad about themselves? Does it entertain you? Hating isn't being "real" - it's being ignorant and ignorance is not an opinion. You hate something? Great. But hating something doesn't mean talking non-stop about it. Hating something doesn't mean even taking any time off to make hate groups, hate pages, hate accounts. Hating something does not mean thinking of a rumor to start.

Hating something means you're not interested in anything this "thing" does or says. Therefore, by making hate groups, by watching their videos, by commenting, by talking about it -- it only makes us believe that you actually do care enough to even waste your time doing anything that involves this thing that you "hate".

Why do you have to be so selfish? Cruel? Mean? If you hate somebody, an artist, a musician, an actor, actress... You have to realize that these people have fans, whether you like it or not and by opening your big mouth, you'll offend people. Do you really want that?

How about you stick to loving what you do love rather than loving what you hate.

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