Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beauty... overrated?

The popular, short but powerful question: Do you believe you're beautiful?

It depends what beautiful means to you. Would I like to wake up feeling beautiful? Of course. But my insecurities won't let me think great of myself. If somebody calls me beautiful, I smile, but I soon forget about it because it's my opinion about myself that matters... Right? Because I'm the one that has to see me when I look in the mirror.

Yes, I have flaws. Some aren't always visible and I make sure they're not. When I feel upset, I usually point out every one of my flaws just to punish myself.

Society pressures us to look beautiful, otherwise we're not loved. And do you want to know the sad part? Society defines beautiful for us. Skinny, tall, flat-stomach, attractive legs, beautiful hair, breasts, nose, even teeth.

I understand and I believe that beauty comes from your heart, not your appearance. But, just look around. Society doesn't care about that anymore. They just want a good looking woman to satisfy their vision. They want tall, skinny models to make their dresses look sexy. They want flawless looking woman, with big breasts and long, sexy legs to satisfy the man's needs. They don't want regular woman, the women who aren't afraid to eat cookies, the women who have extra fat on their bodies, the women who are natural because they don't want to do plastic surgery.

They don't care about us, the girls who sit in their rooms, crying while looking at beautiful girls in magazines. They don't care about us, the girls who struggle every day to lose weight or to feel beautiful. They just don't care about us.

And in all seriousness? No, I don't believe I'm beautiful.

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