Thursday, June 23, 2011

everybody is broken

I was walking home today and for some reason, I became very open-minded as I looked at people in general walking home or picking up their kids etc. I realized that everybody we see, every individual has their own stories, experiences, fears and scars. We're all broken. Or we've all been broken. It's something interesting because it shows that nobody is perfect, no matter how old they are or what they've been through, popular or not, model or regular girl - nobody is perfect and we all have our own problems. We're all fragile humans trying to find happiness - well most of us are. That's a fact.

That's why I plaster a smile on my face before going somewhere, like school or to some family party. I do it for the people around me. I don't do it just to avoid the "what's wrong"'s, I do it so I don't affect those around me.

I'm not perfect meaning sometimes, yes, I get upset and it's hard to hide. And that usually leads to problems with my friends, and they all start to wonder why I've been acting distant or sort of like a bitch. Nobody really knows why, except for me. And that proves to me that by showing your true emotions when you're hurt or upset, you don't only affect yourself... you affect those around you.

In life you've gotta try to act as selfless as you can, and no, not everything will go your way and sometimes you'll be very upset... sometimes it will be too hard to fake a smile so you just want to be alone. That's okay, too. A simple "I want to be alone" should do the explaining and anybody who is considerate will understand that you want to be alone. I've learned a lot and as I grow older, I'm still learning. As are you.

I may say things without intention or I may get upset or over dramatic sometimes over little things... but don't judge me. Don't get mad at me for making some mistakes when you don't even see yourself making the same ones. I can be a hypocrite... but so can you. We all are. I say things at the end of the day, not only for others but also for me. I give advice, I tell people to be happy, and all the while I'm also talking to myself - if that makes sense.

But you know what I mean.

So, I understand that you may not like me sometimes, that's good, because I sometimes feel the same way about you. But I also respect that you have your problems and I have mine. You have your insecurities, scars, bruises, problems, family issues... But remember, that I also have mine.

You're not alone and that's exactly why you shouldn't get so upset at others for just say, ignoring you or not "being themselves" - because then again, you're judging them from what you see. You don't know anything. What if this person got abused? What if this person cuts themselves? What if they go through more than you'll ever know? That's exactly the reason why it is not okay to judge. I understand that it's annoying when people suddenly "change" or "ignore" you. But then again, you don't know what's making them act this way, therefore giving you no right to judge.

The moral of this blog post? Be considerate. When you walk past someone, don't put them down. Don't make fun of their messy bed hair. Don't laugh at their clothes. Don't make fun of them because the truth is, you have no idea what this person has to go through every day or has been through. You laugh because she's fat, while she's starving herself to lose weight. You laugh at the amount of make-up she has on, while she cries because without it she doesn't feel beautiful.

Be considerate. At the end of the day, we all have our insecurities and experiences. Including you, and me, and that's exactly the reason why it is not okay to judge.

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