Sunday, October 18, 2009

nobody's life is perfect

when things go wrong for me.. i always end up compare my life to those who are way more fortunate than i am (famous people)... and i have no idea why. i know that it's not gonna make me feel better, but i just always happen to do that. and what happens? "argh, i bet demi lovato's life is never like this". it just.. happens. i compare my life with another person's life who i know isn't as bad as mine. or happen to "think" it.

i have no idea where this blog is even leading you to but ima just keep going.

even though i ALWAYS do it, it annoys me when we compare bad times to another celebrities life and say "i bet this this that never went through this!". i know that it annoys them too.

because.. well, you see the person that the media has a spotlight on. you don't see the person who she/he really is.

and assuming that their life is "faaaaaaaaaaantastic" just because they're famous and everybody knows their name, they don't have bad days, is pointless.

because it definitely doesn't make you feel any better, and it doesn't make anybody else feel better, either.

i'm being a total hypocrite saying this right now, but i guess while i'm writing this blog.. i'm writing it for me. i just want a person to tell me this.. to tell me to knock out of it.. to tell me that blaming bad days on other people is ridiculous.

and yes i'm crazy enough to even attempt to tell myself.

but i'm also telling you. because even though it's hard to believe, i know that at least ONE person out there goes through what I go through.

and i want to be able to help me. and you.

it's been way too long that i haven't blogged, si?

forgive me on that. every time i attempt to write a blog... i fail.

but i'm only fourteen, almost fifteen. i've still got a whole life ahead of me.

a whole lot of stories to tell.

secrets to keep.

promises to make.

love to give.

and i hope.. that when i'm 20.. i'd still have this blog.

and that YOU still KNOW about this blog.

stay with me, folks...... by the time i'm 20, let's hope you don't even have to search for me because my blog would already be bookmarked on your computer! :P

love you so much. honestlyyy. i love you with everything in me. nothing can explain what i FEEL when you guys compliment me. when you tell me that I, a smalltown teenage girl, inspire YOU.

and a lot has happened over the past week.. that i can't seem to forget.. words do hurt. i know i've been telling you forever now, but it is true. and everybody needs remindings of the truth. because words do hurt.

but words do heal.

love you. xox -hibz


  1. aaaaaawwwww, and im SURE that most celebrities are going through/have been through what your going through... they're just normal people too =]

  2. i ALWAYS blame bad days on other people.
    and i KNOW that its my fault. it annoys me but i cant help it.
    your not alone hiba.
    we love you at ffe. dont ever change <3
    fuck the haters!


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