Sunday, October 11, 2009

when you hurt online

It took me this long to realize how much damage being online can cause. And I'm not only talking about the obvious reasons like stalking and chatting to strangers. I'm talking about the arguments happening, people getting hurt because somebody comments their Facebook picture in a negative way.

I was reading Miley's blog last night. She made me open my eyes.

The internet has a lot of amazing things. It allows you to chat with your friends without having a phone or being face-to-face with them. It allows you to find out the latest gossip about your favorite celebrities. It allows you to speak to the world behind just a screen. But.. It also allows you to talk about somebody negatively, anonymously. With no consequences at all. All that will happen is the bully will feel good about themselves and you will feel worse.

And nobody can really help you. You're on your own. And it hurts. Oh boy, does it hurt. Not only the fact that you're being bitched about. But by somebody who you might or might not even know. Somebody who might go to your school. Somebody who might be your friend. A stranger that doesn't even know you. You don't know anything at all because this person was too afraid of letting you know who they are but not afraid of saying something bad about you.

Sure, we all have opinions. But bullying is never just an opinion. It's way more than that. Because ya'll just take it way too far.

I'm not going to lie and say I have never talked about somebody in my life before. Because I know I have. And I am sure YOU have too. Because none of us are perfect.

But.. It's our imperfections that make us who we are today. We make a mistake. We see the result it causes. We learn from that mistake and try to never repeat it again. That's how I learned.

Some people.. Decide to learn the hard way. Make a mistake. See the result it causes. Ignore the result and keep making that mistake without actually realizing it's a mistake.

There are different types of people in the world. Sensitive.. Shy.. Outgoing.. Crazy.. But the hard part is that you have to think of what you're going to post online because everybody might take it in a different way.

I might get offended about something you said but another person may not. It's just what makes us different people. We have different minds and thoughts.

But that's why you should think about what you're going to post online. For everybody to see. Because "everybody" aren't always who you think they are and therefore, not everything revolves around you and what YOU think.

I think that we all need breaks from the online-world every once in a while. Not only because you have to socialize with people face-to-face and not just behind a computer screen.. But because of everything you are getting caught up with through the internet.

All the gossip sites, the youtube channels, the social-networking sites.. They're addictive. You WANT to and you feel the NEED to get on everyday to check new stuff out. Who has left comments on your pictures? Who commented on your Youtube videos? Did Fred post a new vid?! OMGG MILEY DID WHAT!!!? Tweet Tweet Tweet!

We're all getting caught up in the w0rld that we're staring at from behind a computer screen. A world that we can never really enter.. Just stare at. Get sucked in slowly..

I just want you to you my sweetness.. That there's more to life than Facebook and Twitter and even OceanUP. There's a whole world out there and it's calling your name. If you ever get tired of those selfish people online.. Don't be afraid to simply shut down your computer.

Sit outside in the sunshine, perhaps. I did, yesterday. For hours. I had my earphones in and I replayed "Black Keys" over and over again. It felt good. It felt like everything was blocked out. No computer. No Twittering. Nothing. Just a way of spending time with myself and trying to figure out who I am.

You should try it, my loves. It really is amazing to just let go of that computer-mouse, take your eyes off the computer-screen and just speak to the world without typing.

And who knows? Maybe you'll find out something new without having to Google it. ;) I love you!!

P.S This blog was written for EVERYBODY out there. Because right now you are on the internet. How did you get to this page? It all travels around. And in some sort of way.. It was also written for ME. Because.. I need reminders, myself. I'm not perfect.

xoxo -Hibz


  1. Wow... u've made me see this in a completely new way... =] thnx x

  2. i know how you feel.
    its just as bad as your FRIEND bullying you online then having to see them at school for the next few years.
    its hell. so putting up with it when you don't even know the person must be even worse.
    some people are just heartless.
    we love you hiba.

  3. i realized this a long time ago.
    i know it doesn't all revolve around this. I can go a few weeks without my computer. But some people can't.
    You never know, while you sit in front of you PC screen, trees get chopped down, the sun loses a degree of temperature and your missing out on things you could of already seen.
    You never know how long your going to have something, until you lose it.


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