Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a good heart

you are... amazing. beautiful, and the only thing that's going to make you even more beautiful, is if you be-you..tiful. be yourself. don't be afraid to take chances, risks and make mistakes because that's going to make you who you are, and therefore you will find somebody who will love you for you. you'll know what truly makes you happy, you'll know how to spend the rest of your life. don't waste your time, because believe it or not, time is short. life is not certain. congratulations, you've survived through yesterday. but nobody said you'd survive through today, or if you'd see tomorrow. if that doesn't make you realize that time is short, then what does?

only you can define your happiness. hearts break, people change, promises are broken, life gets rough, yeah... but life goes on. you can't really do anything but at least try and forget about it, because it's the past. and nobody can change what has already happened. you don't get a second chance, life's not a xBox game you can simply restart, you've only got one chance at life.. so make it worth it, because before you know it, it may be over sooner than you think.

it's reality. face it. i'm not going to sit here and tell you wrong from right, or not to make mistakes, i'm going to be honest with you.. because i care. only you can make the choices in your life. only you can decide who to trust or not. it's normal to make mistakes, and those mistakes, take them as an awareness. learn from them. because all these risks and chances you take, all these mistakes.. they make you who you are today.

just be careful. because you may know what day it is, you may know who you love and who you dislike, you may know what the time is.. but something you don't know is, When is your time?

choose and make your choices wisely.

use your brain, what's it for? use it wisely. don't waste your time caring about something that doesn't really matter in the end. be kind to people. treat people the way you'd like to be treated. give to the poor, to the less fortunate. appreciate every breath you take because every second, a breath is shortened. a heart stops beating. a person stops living.

that person can be you sooner than you'd think.

we know that.

what we don't know is... when?

now? tomorrow? next month? in a year? before you have children?

so many questions are asked, but not many are answered. not many can be answered.

appreciate because your only one chance at life can be taken away so easily..

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