Tuesday, June 29, 2010


in the past month, my life has dropped into the darkness area that i never wanted to go back to. i've changed. everybody always tells me that because i'm still so young, i should go out and have fun and not worry about much, because i'm only a teenager. but what if i live my youth mucking around and making inconsiderate decisions and mistakes, and my time is short? what if my life ends when it's too late to start taking things seriously?

ive made a commitment to myself. i plan to improve next term in school, get more organized, and focus a lot more in classes and with homework. im not blaming anybody else but myself, because it is my fault. so i stepped up and make a wise decision - to delete the social networking website that i was literally on 24 hours a day - facebook. so, i deleted it.

thats the first step to improving. now that i don't have much to do on the internet, i won't be on as much as i used to be on, when i had a reason to be on it.

which means, focusing more on my education rather than what's happening on facebook, and who commented on my pictures, or statuses or who wrote on my wall.

im sure missing it, though, but we're gonna have to miss a lot of things in life that we can not have.

this goal i've set is very serious, me, my parents and my school homegroup teacher will be having another interview about 2 weeks into the next term, to see how i'm doing, and if im improving. i will work so very hard to make sure the interview will be full of good news.

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