Sunday, November 8, 2009

blog 4 da h8ters

sometimes I just want to say a few things to haters out there. so ima get right to it.

okay so, hi. we haven't met before, have we? how's lif- aw, what? you hate me? but how can you possibly hate someone you don't even know? that's ridiculous! AND it makes me laugh, so good on you!

honestly.. i really don't give a shit if you hate a band or an artist. i respect that. but if you're gonna be such a b*tch about it to me.. well then expect something in return. but from my experiences, this is how it all works:

get criticized for liking a band/artist.
get called names.
have that band/artist bagged on.
complain about you complaining.

AND if the hater gets a lotta shit in return:


this is all pointless, this fighting. i mean, you can't POSSIBLY think that if you bag out a band that i like, i'm not gonna say anything? of course i am. but EXPECT IT in return. a lotta haters complain about you complaining. "i've moved on now" "she's being immature" "you're wasting your time".

what the HECK do you do for a living? criticize someone and just "move on"? start a fight and tell the person THEY'RE wasting their time? wow, man.

you really need to find some love within yourself. i'm sure it's there somewhere.

my point is.. we're all different people. that's why there's different things in the world. different clothes, different food, different music, movies, colors.. it's because we're all different. so saying something like it's a fact like "____ suck so bad, go listen to real music!" is NOT a fact. it's just an opinion. sometimes opinions can be wrong, even if that doesn't make sense.

what's "good music", anyway? good music should be told from EVERYBODY's perspective. because that type of music may seem "good" to you, however, it may not seem "good" to others.

get that in your mind buddy!

and plus, why do you even care what other people listen to? is this your first step to "taking over the world"? hahahaha. you make me laugh.

it's not like the people who listen to bands you hate are gonna shove their iPod's earphones into your ears!!!!!!


you can listen to whatever you want, i DON'T care. just do me favor and let me listen to whatever i want? if you weren't so nosy, it wouldn't effect you.

and if it is, what's it effecting? the band YOU like to lose fans? the world turning into mars? your grandma dancing in public? that band/artist taking over youtube? taking over the world? ohhhh, i know! you're afraid if they take over the world and make everybody wear pink and lovehearts, aren't you!

that's the thing...... NONE of these reasons SHOULD be effecting you JUST because of what OTHER people like.

live your life. you don't need to care how others live theirs.

so goodnight. and goodbye. (although it's morning now, i wrote this last night).

love you guys, xo -hibz

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  1. this is so true =] and #JONAStralia actually made it to number 1... im pretty sure =] i Love the way you wrote this... good job =] tehe A+++++++++++++++ =]


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