Monday, December 5, 2011


Can you believe it? 2011 is almost over. Time is flying by way too fast... This time last year I was in Lebanon. It feels like yesterday. Next year is my last year of High School. And that's where I stop because I have no idea where I'm heading. Not even a little hint. I'm still lost and confused as I've ever been... But I guess I'm looking forward to 2012.

It's Summer. I'm happy about this. Extremely happy. Besides needing a tan desperately, I just love the feeling of Summer and Summer nights. I love spending full days at the beach and just having a good time, not a worry in the world. I've miss that feeling... so I'm praying that this Summer is a good one.

Anyway, so yesterday I watched Beastly. I must admit, it was better than I had expected. It carries such a powerful message which I'm sure most of you have heard before: Don't judge a book by its cover. A good looking teen who's the popular guy in school and also happens to be the mean bully as well, who believes that "good looking people are better" is turned into a hideous, "ugly", scar-filled teenager instead. The spell that was cast on him was that he was to "be as hideous outside as he was inside" and find someone who loves him for him before the year ended or else he'd stay like that forever. I love the author of this story.

It teaches us that looks aren't as important as the media portrays it to be. Well, it's not. The most beautiful person you've ever seen may be the opposite inside. Good looks don't define people and suddenly make them better than everyone else. In fact, personally I think that if I knew how selfish or cruel a really really good looking person was, I'd find them not as attractive anymore, because I know that they're not as nice as they look.

Good looks will fade eventually. Everyone gets wrinkles and blah blah as they get older, so why love someone based purely on their looks and nothing else? Their looks will change, for whatever reason. So that's why I say, don't love someone because they're beautiful. Get to know them. Their personality will shine right through their appearance, and you can then decide if they're as pretty inside as they are outside.

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