Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the beauty of the moon

We're all lost people... if you think about it. We're all lost souls, living today in fear of the mystery of tomorrow. We all have our own stories, our own secrets, our own insecurities and problems and troubles.

True, right? I don't know why I decided to write that but right now I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind. We're already past half way through the year... Can you believe it? I've been through so much throughout the years... it's so incredible how fast time is going. I almost want it to slow down....

I find myself whenever I look at the moon, it just inspires me. It's hard to believe how far away it is... and even after knowing that, it still inspires me. It kind of makes me feel closer to everybody else out there in the world. No matter where you are... where you go... whether it's China or Canada or Australia or even Antarctica... when you look up at the sky, you'll see the same moon you see when you were somewhere else. It makes me feel... I don't know... small.

When I look at the moon, I feel as if I'm not alone. Like it's always there for me, no matter where I go. That's a bit cheesy.... but hey right now I feel like writing about the moon. In fact, I'm sitting next to my older sister who's asking me what I'm writing to which I replied: "I'm writing about the moon". And she laughed.

Haha. I'm inspired right now, I guess and right now I feel like writing about the moon. And if you feel alone.... I think you should look up at the moon and smile, for the moon will smile back.

HAHA THAT IS TOO CHEESY. But you know what... it's true. The moon won't smile back itself, but millions of others in the world are most likely looking at the moon, too. Doesn't that make you feel... not alone?

Okay, okay I'll shut up. I guess I'm just trying to distract myself from my homework so here I am, talking about the moon.

OH There's a Bruno Mars song "Talking To The Moon", listen to it. It's great.

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    muhammad :)


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