Friday, May 11, 2012

what is perfection?

i'm so sick of seeing the media define 'perfection' for us. you see some skinny girl, long legs, flat stomach, long hair, colored eyes, skinny arms, skinny thighs. and people call this a "perfect body."

so what about the girls who don't have this body? what are we supposed to do? starve ourselves just so we can be classified as "perfect"? CHANGE?

i feel bad all the time because i have an insecurity.. i feel nervous when people look at me, self conscious almost, because all that goes on in my head is 'am i perfect in their eyes'.

all my life i've given people advice. "you're beautiful the way you are." "don't change for anybody" "be yourself. love yourself. accept yourself." "every one is beautiful". and truly? i BELIEVE it. I TRULY TRULY believe it. but sometimes it's hard to actually put it inside my head. why? because i'm just a teenager. i'm just a 17 year old girl. i'm not perfect. NOT AT ALL. i have so many flaws. faults. i over-think too much. sometimes i exaggerate. i stress for nothing. i cry for no reason sometimes.

but does that mean i'm not beautiful?

do my imperfections mean i'm not beautiful?

i always tell people 'i've accepted my flaws'. but the truth is, i haven't. and i probably never will, that's kind of what makes them flaws i guess. and me not accepting my flaws motivates me to change. because sometimes, change is good. change is ok. people make out 'changing' to be such a bad idea. when it's not. because we're humans. humans change. it's in our nature. it's normal to change. because we all grow. we all learn.

and i'm kind of getting off track, but that's ok. because things get out of hand sometimes. sometimes we have to let loose and just do what our heart tells us to do.

and beauty? beauty is what you think it is.

don't let media influence your personal definition of perfection.

because perfect can be whatever you want it to be.. even if it's made up of flaws.

till next time. :) -Hiba.

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